How to work with data table while running data scraping or merging two different data tables? Approach requried

Hey Looking for solution,
I have data set of few products Name in One column say dt1, on that basis need to extract few information from a particular website…so through loops data scraping is fine but problem is how to merge product name with scraped product related data because 1product have multiple rows information and data scraping will scrap and apend one after one…for example
Let say university Newyork offreing multiple course so Dt1 has university name and Newyork university offered 10course so want merge on same time data scraed.

Pls provide ur suggestions…

—initially create a datatable with build datatable activity and get the output with variable of type datatable and make sure that datatble has the columns similar to that of the one we data scrape from the website
—and once after Data scrapping we get a datatable variable a string output
—now use MERGE DATATABLE ACTIVITY where in the source mention the datatble variable that we get from Data scrapping and in the destination property mention the build datatable activity output variable
—now next when interested within the for each row loop having all these activities like Data scrapping, merge datatable , this will get merged to the destination datatble that is the one that we get from build datatable activity

Cheers @ravisaxena

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Hey Planaiyappan,
Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I will try and get back to you if i faced any issues.

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Kindly let know if any queries
Cheers @ravisaxena

Hey Palani,
Can u please post any example for the the above things. What i am doing acctualy i read excel with the product name(10 product Name) so one Datatable DT1 countains the product name, than i go the website and search that particular product name with in for each row loop and then using data scraping which create another datatable DT2 and write DT2 in excel. So according to you, in DT1 i should add smiller columns like DT2 and then merge the tables.

final_uni.xlsx (55.9 KB) University Data Extraction.xaml (23.9 KB)

Hi Palani,
Please find attached the data file and code i have tried to achieve. I am not getting the proper result as its comming but not in correct way i want…
Please help…

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Hey anyone got any idea for the above scenario.