How to work on two browser (same website)

Below is my scenario,

OpenApp to open page ABC under country MY (primary) and using the same OpenApp to open page ABC under country SG (helper). So all the selector that I’ll work on both country’s page are the same, no unique in selector. And I required to work under both country at the same time.

The selectors are exactly same & hence, I couldn’t work on new browser window.
Every action I do it happens on first browser window only. Is there any way out, to identify both as different primary and helper browser

How can I can cater this to make the bot to work on ?


I guess this new feature will help you.

Hi @lakshman, but i dont have any index in my selector. This are the all selected selectors

<html title='Data Compliance &amp; Classification' url='' />

Do you want one robot to work in both browsers at the same time?? Can you do that as a human? like typing or clicking in two different things at the same time?

Using the Browser Variable could work in your case
we had an RnD on this, maybe this helps you, please read entire Topic


Using 2 browser variables should allow this to work no problem. Make sure inside the browser scope you are using partial selectors