How to work on different fonts with image click activity

Hi All,

Please help me to find the resolution for Image click, As I am using image click activity to drag and drop the Image A and Replacing with Image B, For this I am using Click image Down, Hover image and Click image again, It went fine in my test system, When we push code to production there the bot is failing,

Root Cause identified: The font is different when tested in test system and in Production environment.
Could you please assist me to resolve this?


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Image Click will be useful if you are expecting the same Image in production also

Also you need to check the resolution between the systems(Dev & Prod) for Image automation

Can you share a example for your usecase? Also check It the Image to click has a selector to click or not if it is a browser based means

If not then you have to drag and drop the Image exactly what you expect in production to work

Hope this helps you


@Srini84 Thanks for the quick replay, on top of it i want to clear that i am using the browser (Chrome)-based automation.

I will elaborate the scenario

We are working on the salesforce application. In one window, we are click on the “Volume trend” option and dragging it to the “Media type trend” position Please refer the screen shot attached (Drag and Drop Image) for the clarity

The Approach we have taken is as below:

Image1: Volume Trend in the drop down is taken as an image by using click image activity and mouse hover, we are trying to drag in it on the Media Type Trend area.

Because of the font change in the production as shown in the image 2 it is failing; we need an idea to make the image work on all fonts such that it will resolve our requirement.

Regarding to the resolution you mentioned, we are taking 1366*768 in both test and production environment.

We welcome any other suggestion or work flow for this use case.


Sorry I don’t have much inputs, as i don’t have access to the Salesforce app you are working on

But as per the image there was a slight difference i see, can you check by adjusting accuracy with different scale

Also check the zoom level of the browser is same as both environments

Hope this may helps you



OR you can try with Region also, If the order is same always

Hope this helps you



Thanks for the update.