How to work on 1st assignment of level 3 without orchestrator

Hello everyone, I have started working on 1st assignment of level 3.

However, I have a problem with my orchestrator, the robot is disconnected.

My question is: can I perform the first assignment without orchestrator or is it mandatory to have it working?
every time ui robot is getting disconnect so my team said to work without orchestrator please help me this advance thanks


Yes you can do that assignment without connecting to Orchestrator also. It’s not an issue.

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can you please tell me in detail


Don’t create two seperate processes for both Dispatcher and Performer.

INIT state - Reading config file, launching web applications(ACME and SHA) and scraping data

Get TransactionData state - Read one by one TransactionItem and send to Process TransactionData state.

Process TransactionData state - process each transaction item

END State - close all applications (IE browser and Excel)

Note: Here, TransactionData should be of type DataTable and TransactionItem should be of type DataRow.

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Thank you lakshman, i will implement the same

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