How to wirite previous date?

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I have a question: Already there is a date present in the column, I just need to write that date to the previous date. How to read this current date and write the new date.

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Have you tried typing “yesterday” in an assign and using its properties?


Please use the below function. it would help.

Previous Day - Variablevaluefromtheexcel column.AddDays(-1).Tostring(“dd-MM-yyyy”)



Use Read Range activity to read the Excel and create a Variable in Output Datatable property

Use For Each Row activity to loop into Datatable

Use Assign activity to store the value as below

ExcelDate = row(“ColumnName”).ToString

Now Assign activity as below
ExcelPreviousDate = Convert.ToDateTime(ExcelDate).AddDays(-1).ToString(“Choose your format”)

Check below for your reference

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