How to wait until the result of entered command has been displayed on the terminal

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I am working on an automation project in GDS terminal(Black and green screen). To enter multiple commands i need to wait for the result/output of my previous commands. I cannot use fixed amount of time in Delay activity in this case and am not able to find any activity for this. Suggestions are welcome.


try Wait Field Text activity and Wait Screen Text activity


Sorry if you already tried

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I am having the same problem. Even while using Wait Field Text or Wait Screen Text activity, we need to provide the Delay time.
Is there any other way to resolve this case?

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@Alekhya_Gandhi I believe we must use terminal activities in this case. Though I haven’t used them yet.

Specify a more than sufficient amount of milliseconds in the TimeOut field. That way the activity will execute for that maximum time only and will exit even if it found the text before the TimeOut MS is complete.