How to wait until loader is closed?


I have built an application to test whether hyperlinks are working fine or not. I my situation some links take 30 sec to response and so take more than 30 sec and meanwhile my website displays loader.

Now My requirement is I have to wait until the loader is closed. Can anyone suggest me how to handle this?

Main.xaml (26.2 KB)


Hi Dinesh,

Use Wait Element vanish with WaitNotVisible property checked.



Don’t forget to adjust the timeout as needed, as the default is 30 seconds and as I understand you go over this time.


HI @rahamtullah,

it’s not working just now i uploaded solution can you please verify it.


Hi Dinesh,

You can use Get Attribute activity on the loader element and set property Visibility as output from drop down.


Visibility will give output as 0 or 1, where 0 is Visible and 1 is not visible on screen.

When Get attribute gives 1 as output, Loop the activity with delay of 10 secs between each loop and counter check for number of loops.
Max number of loops should be defined and checked to ensure bot does not go into infinite loop.