How to wait Text variable changes dynamically

Hi Guys,

I have an database application SAP HANA studio [window based] where i want to run few Queries and execute in HANA studio and get the server time execution for each SQL. Issue i am facing here is i am able to paste the sql and execute the query. But to execute complete SQL studio will take certain time to and i want UI path to wait until it finishes.

I have tried to capture the progress data where data will be changing frequently like when sql execution starts progress data displays as Query execution started and then it changes to Fetching Result set and finally it displays as No Operations to be performed when Completed Execution is performed.

I want the Next SQl to be executed when progress data displays as No Operations to be performed Statement.

I tried to capture all 3 statements in Variables which is string.

Can any one suggests me how to proceed further or any other way ?

Hi @Ravi_Teja3,

You can try to use an “On Element Appear” activity and set the selector to something that appears when the SQL execution is done.


Thank you but since but some how its not working for second sql execution. can we do this using variable? where variable changes dynamically but i want to continue when variable displaying No Operations to be performed.