How to wait still the progress bar disappear

I am facing issue in execution of activity after the progress bar disappear step.
I have used Activity step " On Image Appear" and “On image Vanish”. Also changed the properties. In properties i have selected “Wait for ready - Complete” but still its not working. Next record search entry gets started while the progress bar is loading and did not disappear. I want to know where i am making mistake.




Hi @Kumar_Shanmugam
Make custom delay. Use while loop and check inside element exist activity if element not exist it loop should be break then you will preceed next record.


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Thanks for the solution

my problem got solved using activities tool - Wait element Vanish

I indicated the vanish element in my browser (in my case it was progress bar).

Then i made following changes in the properties

Selected wait for ready - complete
Selected waitnotvisible true

I placed the wait element Vanish immediately after submit button. So this will ensure that it will perform execution of subsequent steps only after the wait element (progress bar) disappears from the browser).

Thanks for replying on priority.

@Kumar_Shanmugam Great. Happy Learnig

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