How to wait/pause robot until cetain activity gets completes

I have developed one process to submit a request in third party system. third party system takes some time to finish the request, so i need to keep robot on hold (pause) until request gets completes in third party system.


Hello @siddharudh.kinagi, the only way I know you can do that is this way:

  1. Using Delay Activity:
  • After submitting the request to the third-party system, add a “Delay” activity to your workflow.
  • Configure the “Duration” property of the “Delay” activity to the amount of time you want the robot to wait for the request to complete. For example, if you want to wait for 5 minutes, set the duration to “00:05:00” (hh:mm:ss).
  • After the “Delay” activity, you can continue with the next steps in your process.
  1. Using Retry Scope Activity:
  • Drag and drop a “Retry Scope” activity onto your workflow.
  • Inside the “Retry Scope,” place the activities that submit the request to the third-party system.
  • Configure the “Retry Interval” property to a suitable time interval, for example, “00:00:30” (30 seconds).
  • In the “Retry Scope,” you can also specify the maximum number of retries in case the request takes longer than expected. For instance, you can set the “Max Number of Retries” property to 10.
  • After the “Retry Scope,” you can continue with the next steps in your process.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


Use a check app state activity to check for completed …with a big timeout


Hi @siddharudh.kinagi ,

Could you let us know what is the maximum wait time for the Third Party App to get the request completed ?

It’s best not to use Delay for this kind of thing, as the amount of time needed to wait probably won’t always be the same. You’ll have to give us more detail so we can provide a solution.

For example, does the third party system give any indication that the request is finished? Assuming it does, you’d use a Check App State with a sufficient timeout (higher than you expect it would ever take to finish) to have the process wait until the finish message, icon, or whatever appears.

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