How to wait for an element to exist

I enter a web page and I have to click on a button which will take me to another page. The problem is that the waiting time is varied so I have not found a way to keep waiting as long as it is until the other page appears.

try image exists but it is not optimal because there is a definite time and sometimes if it takes and sometimes not because of the loading time

someone could help me

Option 1 : Retry Scope
Option 2 : you can try by loop in Flowchart.

  1. Element Exist /Image exist
  2. Decision flow (true/false)
  3. If false then make the Line go back to Step 1.
  4. If true , Then takes to next process.

This concept works as Infinite loop. If you don’t want so , you can try to keep a count variable and try as much times

I’ll try