How to Wait for a web page to succesfully go to next page




I need to pick a value from excel, copy it on a webpage, submit the page, and after succesful submission, copy the result back to excel.


hi @Gagan2001

So you wants a solution for this problem?

what till so far you have tried?

Please first you should try yourself and then if you are stuck middle of it then you should ask. Just play with ativities and give it a try. but soon someone will help you this time.

but keep this in mind :slight_smile:

Regards… !!


Dear aksh1yadav,

Thanks for the reply.

I will try myself, but, I am trying to do a POC of the product, so, if you can help it will be great.
Atleast you can tell, if it is possible or not.



Hi Gagan,
All the actions which can are rule based and can be written down in the form of algorithm can be automated.
In you case, it will be

  1. Get Data from Excel
  2. Update in Webpage
  3. Submit in Webpage
  4. Get Data from Webpage
  5. Update in Excel

Means it is possible, you can go through the videos present in to start with.