How to wait dynamically for a task to happen, so we can do its related tasks

Hi folks, I hope everyone is doing fine
I have a scenario-based doubt, please guide me

So I have to call 5 API (Post method)

As an output, Ill receive a specific mail from the server & i have to read that mail before triggering next API call

so the catch is after 1 API call is made, as an output it usually takes 30-40mins randomly for that email to come

so what logic or activity can I use so that, after each API calls my bot should wait for that time till the email arrives then it should trigger the next API calls

Thanks in advance :smiley:

@Jiban_Kumar_Das_TcM ,
to my knowlege better to trigger all the mail at once and after that wait for the emails recieved

you can use the queue based trigger.

  1. First Process(Schedule to run at specified time)
  2. Dispatcher(Schedule concurrently) it will read the email and add some value to the queue
  3. As soon as some value will be added to the queue the other process will be triggered by itself.

Hi @Jiban_Kumar_Das_TcM
Can you wait until the email is found? and check every 5 minutes?

Hi Thanks all for your input but I’m not using any queues in this process
Im using a simple sequence

So by any means, if we can wait until the I receive that specific mail ? using any other activity or logic may be?


I doubt if its a good approach :confused: