How to wait a vba end to continue the process

Hi guys,

I am having some trouble with a workflow I am building. I am extracting a database using VBS and VBA and the extraction time may vary. I included a msgbox to tell me the extraction was successful and the the robot may continue the process.

This is where I am having trouble: How to identify the message and continue the automation. Can you guys help me out?

Is this a Vbscript message box or you have a step in the middle of your workflow to extract db and you are using Uipath message box?

It’s a VBS message box at the end of the script. I placed it there as a sign the extraction has been completed, but I still wasn’t able to work use it with UIPath.

one way is you can call below instead of message box in your VB script via command prompt to start your process.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Studio\UiRobot.exe"

/file:"C:\Users\Iordache Razvan\Documents\UiPath\StartFromCmd\Main.xaml"

Sorry, I think I wasn´t clear. I want the robot to run the VB script, wait til it’s complete, and continue the other activities. Is there a way?

How do you validate this as Sucessful any file is created?

You could use Monitor events activity which will listen to activities and triggers once based on the conditions.

for eg: Button exisits (message box) - Element exisits, element appear
File Created – File change trigger

or you could send an email to robot mail box and have the robot look for new email.