How to verify whether mails are triggered?


Can any one please help me on the below.

In a test case, how can we use Verify activity to check whether the mail has been successfully triggered by the BOT.

I have to pass the test case if mail is triggered and fail if not triggered.

Shahidh Aqeel

Hi @shahidh.aqeel.shahul

Please Put the send mail activity in try catch activity, if any error cames it will goto catch part and we can update the status as failed in the catch.else at the end of try we can update the status as success.


Hi @shahidh.aqeel.shahul,

Create one boolean value as IsMailSend.
Put send mail activity in try catch.
In try block Set value as True in IsMailSend variable
And In catch block set value as False in IsMailSend variable.

Test case pass - If IsMailSend = True then bot send out email successfully.

Test case fail - If IsMailSend = False then bot didn’t send out email successfully.

To fail test case you need to change Account Name to some random value.