How to verify same text exist in two different save location

Hi @loginerror ,

I would to know how i can construct a sequence/flow on how to verify the same text whether exist or not in two different location.

Example; I have saved 1 excel file in Folder A. The file name is “July Achievement 0120.xls”
and there is another file which has been uploaded to web named as " 0120 article."
So these 2 files have same text which is “0120”.
How to construct the flow to detect whether same text exist or not for both files.?
What activities that should i use?

Thank you in advance.


You can use String.Contains(“0120”) method in If condition.


Hi Pankaj,

thank for the reply.
Could you give some example in xaml format?


String file1 = “C\Uipath\July Achievement 0120.xls”
String file2 = “C\Uipath\Project\0120 Aarticle.xls” \ Different location
if(file1.Contains(“0120”) And file2.Contains(“0120”)){
// do your operations
} else{
// do your operations


Hi @Pankaj.Patil ,

To make it clear , i have attached the scenario here.
1 file is stored in C: folder and another file is on website.
The yellow highlighted is the “text” that i want to trace.
If both yellow highlighted “text” are exist then next process will be performed if not another process will be performed.
The file which is on the website is not the same file format with the one stored C: .