How to verify checkbox in webpage

I have an excel sheet with some data.

        col A                                   Col B

row 1- Are you single- Yes
row 2-Are you willing to relocate- No

Same design I have in web page-

so if as per sheet if row -1 is yes, then as per web page there is a checkbox which is checked
if no then its unchecked.

How can I achieve this, I just to verify data both platform should be in sync

Hey @Saurabh_Sahu

You can check if a checkbox is checked or not by using “Get Attribute Activity” with “Checked” Attribute. and based on its output if not cheked then use checked activity to check /uncheck.


@aksh1yadav, Hey Akash, Need your help:

I have a phone number in a excel cell e.g. 1-234-567-7890 but in a web page same number is populated as (234) 567-7890

I want to match both values so that it can pass results.

1- is replaced by (

and after 3 digits of string we have )

what approach I should follow.

input is 1-234-567-7890
output should be (234) 567-7890

I have 4 Check Box In my web application and i want to check based on Name ?
How To Do That ?

Hi @kirtiSagar,

"<html title='Tryit Editor v3.5' /><webctrl name='"+strCheckboxname+"' tag='INPUT' />"

using click activity you can check the checkbox. pass the selector as above.


Where to define "strCheckboxname=“vehicle” ?
and which activity should use first ?

if suppose dynamic value
you need to create string variable and assign the value.
Else you can directly assign to selector itself.

want to check this checkbox ? But How ?

use Check activity…
available under UI Automation>Element>Control>Check

Afterwards ?

@kirtiSagar, Try to use UiExplorer to get the exact selector.
There you can find lot of options.


just pass the correct selector in Check activity.
Please go through this if required 1. RPA Challenge - Dynamic Web Page - Anchor

At this point in time, neither my ‘Check’ nor ‘Get Attribute’ activity is working.

for Check: Check ‘DIV’: Attribute not supported by the current UiNode.
for Get Attributed : Get Attribute ‘DIV’: Attribute not supported by the current UiNode.

How do I solve this issue