How to Validate this is Invalid TaxID?







@rohit_kumar3 Can you please explain your exact requirement a bit brief

I have to validate TaxID that not contain Similar pattern that i have already wrriten.

@rohit_kumar3 Is that mean the value with 3 numbers starting 111-2221112 is invalid, right ?

@rohit_kumar3 Can you let me know how to identify which is valid and invalid tax id so that we can built logic accordingly

11-2346789 Invalid(because 1 is consecutive 2 times)
12-1212121 Invalid(two digit 12 is consecutive repetative)
11-11111111 Invalid(all digit are same)
12-2123123 invalid(12 is consecutive 3 times)

@rohit_kumar3 Check the below workflow (3.1 KB)

Thank you but one Taxid (123456789 is also invalid). can you add this tax id to your regex expression ?

@rohit_kumar3 It does not have any consecutive repetative, right ? still it is invalid

Thank you, I already made this and I could fix the mistake, so I will mark this answer as a solution and you can close this topic

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