How to validate the Web application - Heading and Informational Text

Hi All,

I am looking for help on below. It would be a great help if someone share quick help.

  1. I have Web application for example: linkedin
    i. Question: When the user login it should default select home radio button
    SS> To check the default selection, I have used Get Attribute for my automation. But see its not working correctly. Kindly advise better solution or help to understand in case i have missed anything.

    ii. Question: When the user in Home page and trying to validate the Header
    SS>> For this I have used ‘Text Exists’ and then ‘Get Full Text’. To validate the Header i have used IF condition (By creating a Variable) with WriteLine. when i am executing the script its giving me the else part where as in UI the correct Header is present. Kindly advise

    iii. Question: how to validate the ‘Informational Text’ present below the Header. Kindly advise.