How to validate the time value in input dialog

Hi, how to validate the time value in the input dialog?

For example, if the user key in the time value as 0800 instead of 8:00 am, then the robot will send a message box to the user to re-enter the time value in the required format.

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Hi @Kun_Seng_Wong

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To do this

U can try to match the input value with regex pattern [0-9]+:[0-9]+ , if the output matches activitiy contains a value then added data is in required format otherwise input added entered is in required format.


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@Kun_Seng_Wong - You expecting user to enter 8:00 am or 08:00 am 8:00am or 08:00am??

Hi @prasath17

The format is 08:00am .

Thanks…@Kun_Seng_Wong - As per the format shared above , I have come up with the below regex…you can see if the user not entered two digits before : or if there is a space before ‘am’ then the regex will not match…