How to validate Mandatory data in very Cell

I have scenario where need to validate/check the Adduser does contain any value in the mandatory cell(Please have a look into screenshot) or not, like that i have to validate for every RequestType does contain any value in the mandatory cell,

i used readcell activity by incrementing the value and every RequestType validation i used if condition again if(used 5time if loop in side the if condition ).

client Uipath studio is 2019.

it is working fine only by time take the bot is more. is there any other way to validate it?


You can use For Each Row activity and then If conditions will be good

Hope this may help you


i used this method only, is there any other way to validate?

Hi @manipreethi410 ,

will the request type count and the cell which contains mandatory data remain same every time ?

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Hi to check the field of every rows , you can manipulate it using for each and adding and if activity inside it to check the condition you want

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