How to validate input data from Excel to desktop application ,input is number or alphabets?

I’m getting below attached error , can anyone help me out to resolve this issue.

Hi @Naveen.Ch,

In this case, you will need to cast it before using the method All.

Please try it and let us know.

Thanks for the quick response.

Can you please elaborate @acaciomelo

without validation im able to send the data into desktop application…but i want to validate the its a numeric values or alphabets

if input value contain alphabet value it should throw exception.

Please try something like this:

Cash.AsEnumerable().All or CType(Cash, IEnumerable).All


Along with casting you should change data type from generic to specific type

Hi @Divyashreem
I am giving input from Excel file to desktop apication ,that one I’m taking as as string variable

I’m changing to generic to string type also I’m getting same error.

but while you assigning value to variable That should be of the type Enumerable then you can perform like Cash.AsEnumerable().All or CType(Cash, IEnumerable).All

Please find the above attachedTransactions.xlsx (8.3 KB)
Testing.xaml (26.4 KB)
work flow and excel sheet please do need full.

Hi @Naveen.Ch,

Is something like this that you are looking for?


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