How to validate if the loading phase is finished after indicating the project

Hi, I have a problem, excuse me, I speak Spanish. When I indicate the project when creating an issue with the bot after indicating the project, a load that blocks data entry is generated, so I want to know how I can validate that the event is over. I have tried with capture of images but apparently the same exists for more than the icon of recharge has already finished. I hope you can help me. I do not know how to get this event if it is necessary to implement javascript code. Please help me

Hi @Jeanpierren96,
Is any suggestion from the thread below working for you?

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Also does the button “Crear” at the bottom remain blue during the loading phase? Is there any element looking different during that phase? Can you share a screenshot taken during the loading phase and another one just after it?

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Hola @Jeanpierren96,

As @Pad suggested check the elements on the screen, maybe some of them change their properties once the page is loaded.

Como sugiere Pad, estudia la página para ver si algún elemento cambia sus propiedades una vez que la carga ha finalizado (el botón crear que apunta Pad puede ser un buen punto de partida :wink: ).

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Thank you very much, they were really right, it’s already solved, blessings

Great, happy automation! :slight_smile:

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