How to validate columns in an editGrid?

How to validate columns in an editGrid? Upong ‘Submit’ click, I want to make sure that data entered in the grid are valid.


Can you make it a little elaborate?

What values you want to validate ?

Did you happen to try the regex options available for you in the properties ?


It’s in the EditGrid. So it can be edited by the users. But I want it to be the acceptable data.

So in my table, I have columns in string and numbers. Let’s say, for column 1, i need to accept only strings with max 20 characters. If the user enters 21, it should return an error, maybe highlight the cell. For number, DECIMAL(5,2). Something like that.

The regex pattern is not in the properties of the columns in an EditGrid. So is there other way we can achieve it?


Please create an event on edit of row and check the values…and the row values acan be valudated and displayed in a label to correct


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