How to use webpage inspect value to write in CSS selector?


i want to use value of Inspect to CSS selector to get the text out of the webpage.

can you elaborate bit more on your question and provide sample info also.


why do you want get the css-selector and you don’t to use the UiPath Ui Element ?
Css-selector isn’t reliable and it’s better is use Ui Elements.

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I can validate the value as given in screenshot above, but its unable to fetch the data.

earlier i have used the above selector and it worked too but now its not working.


From my understanding you are fetching the User Profile from the LinkedIn!

Use get Text to the Value or You Can try with get attribute holding the attribute name and fetch the result!


Hi Pravin,
But get attribute activity is not fetching the correct data.


Could you elaborate a requirement?

Like what you need to fetch and from website and where you re facing the issue and Screen shots of issue!


i want McDonald’s value, and this value change is every time.


Is the value Comes Under any of the attribute like aaname or InnerText While indicating the selector!

Through UiExplorer select the attribute and Try wild Carding the attribute Every time the value Changes it will Fetch the Dyanmic value!


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