How to use variables in selectors in Studio (dynamic selectors) without string manipulation!

How can I use a dynamic selector to pick the correct delete link?
At the very beginning of the sequence we ask for the user’s input and save it to a variable “PrinterName” to be used here to select the correct delete button (See image in link). But the UI editor never opens, the Selector editor never opens, the properties under input never show a selector option. I’m using a click action and anchoring it to the text. How can I edit how “test” is found to be equal to the variable, please?

I got help. But the answer is first StudioX doesn’t have this functionality, and second a project imported to Studio from StudioX won’t have this functionality and I had to recreate the project.

Chris, this works.

e.g., innerhtml=’*{{oppMemberEmail1}}*’

@loginerror What if I want to combine wildcard value with a static value and then a variable?

For example, I am trying to do innerhtml=’*{{oppMemberEmail1}}*’ but I want to add <br> just before the variable (after the beginning wildcard) - what is the syntax to do this?

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Thanks. I will continue to experiment.

Hi @loginerror

I’ve found your searching information for my issue, the post is amazing, this is very well explained But my issue is something a little more advanced (even I’m not sure if it’s possible to do). I need my selector to exactly match the variable and not be valid if it just contains it with other words. My complete post with screenshots is: Using variables in UI Explorer - Limit to EXACT match

Is it possible to do? :woozy_face:

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Hello, I have successfully used this many times in VB based projects, but exactly the same thing does not work if I create a project that uses C#. It shows as valid in the selector popup, but the ‘One or more children have validations errors’ remains, and in the properties windows it says ‘Unrecognized escape sequence’ - regarding the selector. Any ideas?