How to Use Variable in Selector to Activate specific window

I want to open Specific window which Have FileName variable assign and I want to use this FileName variable into Selector so that i can activate that screen directly.

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Kindly have a view on this thread

Cheers @nm09011985

I tried this but my Set value will not be fix every time like here File has been used for Set value.
My company code will always changed and that will store in FileName. so I want to open the window which have this FileName in selector.

Yah for that part alone we can create a variable
And assign the dynamic value in it
Or did I misunderstood the query
Cheers @nm09011985

See below are the two different windows with two different numbers Company: (059 & 416).
Now i finished my work with 059 and want to activate 416 for work.
this 059 & 416 numbers i already assigned in Variable and using that variable i want to activate that window.


Below are the two different screens.