How to use UiPath file in machines which do not have UiPath studio?

I need to use uipath project in some other machine.How to use it without install uipath automation or studio,like an apk file.

You need to have UiStudio/UiRobot installed in the machine.

okay…Thank you for your suggestion.

Hi @malarvz,
In order to execute the code written by uipath studio, you need the Uipath Runtime (UiPath Robot-Code will be Read Only) and In order to work (Read Write) you need Uipath Developer Licence (The Normal Bundle).

Thank you for your suggestion.

we have 10 steps regarding how to use uipath file in machines,

Step 1. Draw up your work process in UiPath Studio

Step 2. Tap on the Setup tab and tap on Create App.

Step 3. This will pull-up the setup exchange box. Put a beware of Include UiPath Runtime and enter the email address you use amid initiation. Enter the serial key.

Step 4. Introduce for all clients. Empower this to enable access to the application for a machine with numerous clients.

Step 5. Make Application Shortcut. Empower this for a less demanding propelling of the work process underway machines. You can determine your own particular console alternate route for your application.

Step 6. Add your application to startup menu. Empower this in the event that you require your application to run when a Windows machine is turned on.

Step 7. Snap Create application catch.

Step 8. That is it! The establishment document will be have an .EXE augmentation and in Zip Format.

Step 9. Find the document in C:\Users\YourName\Documents\UiPath. At that point utilize this to convey in your creation machines.

Step 10. Introduce the application by essentially double tapping it.

Thank You.

Wasn’t that deprecated with V7->V8 transition?