How to use UiPath.Core.Activies in Custom Activity using

How to use UiPath.Core.Activities.Click in Custom Activity…

I want to use a click activity in my custom activity in C#

        using UiPath.Core;

        var uiPathClick = new UiPath.Core.Activities.Click();
        uiPathClick.ClickType = UiPath.Core.ClickType.CLICK_SINGLE;

But this code has error like this.
Method not found: ‘Void ‘Void UiPath.Core.Activities.Click.set_ClickType(UiPath.Core.ClickType)’

How do I do for using click activity in my custom activity…
Is there another solution?

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Do you have runtime error or validation error on Visual Studio?
In my environment, it seems no problem regarding set ClickType property on VS as the following image…



Thanks your reply…
I had a error on runtime…
There is no problem on build time on Visual Studio.

Hi @batman0730,

how did you solve the issue? currently we are facing the same error.

Kind regards