How to use uipath automation in LabVIEW or LabVIEW based applications?

Hey community!
I’m new to UiPath.
Can you please tell me how to use automation in LabVIEW using UiPath?
I can give input in string but not able to automate Enum or Ring datatype.
Open to discuss and listen to your views.
Rushit Soni

I use LabVIEW quite a bit but It’s unclear what you are trying to do. Can you elaborate?

I want to automate LabVIEW based screen.
There are certain controls on front panel which I need to automate, like String - Where I use to type.
Same way controls like ‘Enum’ and ‘Ring’, are not controlled/automated where I used ‘Select Item’ from UiPath.
If you are using LabVIEW, please create String, Enum, Ring, Numeric in a new VI and try to give input using UiPath.
Looking forward to your response.
Rushit Soni