How to use UIPath action like TypeInto, clickonImage, Recorder on Taskscheduler

hi Everyone

I haven’t got UIPath_Orchestrator for schedulling. so i decided to use windows task scheduler through UIPath action but i am failling.

Action like TypeInto, clickonImage, Recorder are not working far Taskscheduler.

TypeInto: Buttons are not getting presses. like [LAlt]+[A] or any other button.
clickonImage: Image upon being cut on screen is not getting uploaded. if a separately cutted image is used, then also image is not being recognized on screen.
Recorder: Recorder is not continuing and getting closed upon selection of any orange-colored items. And not iem is selected for Save & Exit option

Note: All the above features are working except for TASK Scheduler

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Hi @Mohit_Sagar,Uipath doesn’t support TaskScheduler anymore.

Thank you, @sreekanth.

Any alternates to work with scheduler to schedule a job?

Refer this @Mohit_Sagar

Thanks for reply.