How to Use UIBrowser with Use Application/browser activity

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I am in need of some help, as you know, the open browser in classic activity lets you store a UiBrowser object, however I can’t find the way to achieve the same using Use application/Browser activity when using modern design, is there anyway of storing the UiBrowser object when using “Use application/Browser” or a way of accomplishing the same with modern activities?


Use Application/Browser activity will give output of type UiElement whether it is application or browser. Create one variable of type UiElement and set to Output Element field. Later if you want to use it then pass above output UiElement variable to Input Element of Use Application/Browser activity.


UiPath.Core.UiBrowser and UiPath.Core.UiElement can be mutually implicitly converted.

So, we can use them mixed together as the following, for example.

  • Case for Browser instance which is output from OpenBrowser activity is used in UseApplication/Browser activity.

  • Case for UiElement instance which is output from UseApplication/Browser activity is used in AttachBrowser activity.



Hello @Sidney_Vogel

I hope the below video can solve your doubt.

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Thank you @lakshman , this helped and it worked, really appreciate the help.

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Hi @Yoichi thank you for the explanation and examples, this also helped and also worked, in my case I did the following I used a Use application/Browser and created a variable of type UIElement called UiBrowser, then in another workflow I used the use application/Browser again, created an in_UiBrowser argument of type UiElement and passed it in to the Use Application/Browser in the Input UI Element.

This works and I think its the same as if you would do it with open browser, not sure if its the right way but it works :slight_smile:

Thank you @Rahul_Unnikrishnan, this video is a good explanation of the Use Application/Browser. Thank you for sharing.

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