How to use Ui path for synthetic monitoring of the application

I am trying to implement RPA in my current project, where we are going to monitor the performance of the website, so i am looking for some framework where i can find out the time of every page to load, and using that log of responsive time for every page , may be by orchestrator , want to represent the graph or metircs to the management,

will it be possible through ui path, ?? please help,

Most browsers have a developer mode (Chrome, Firefox, and even Internet Explorer). You could open up your browser, send F12 in order to go to developer mode, and then record and scrape any metric you may need (note that this is just theory, I never tried it).

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Have you also considered the following. It exposes certain browser objects related to browser measurements and I should think it would be worth looking at:

Or Google offer Page Speed Insights also, which just requires you to paste the URL and it returns time metrics you could then grab for your report:

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Thank you so much for the responses, i am working for only thick client automation like sap, citrix outlook etc so f12 might not work ,my focus is to get transaction name and transaction time of every click or every page, in a report which is use to monitor the performance of the thick clients.

Please suggest, how to go ahead further