How to use "Type Into" on a web table

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I am working on a web dataTable and I can’t figure out how to select the right field to use my ‘Type Into’ activity.

I have an Excel with the highlighted numbers to match with my table and I want the bot to recognize the number so it can type into the related field (circled in red)

Please let me know if you need further information…

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Can you check the selector and check the difference between those both Text area

You can use Data scraping to extract the data of the columns and based use some string split to the get the number

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it looks like the yellow number is within a web datatable row and the field to enter is within another web datatable row below.

Give a try on enter the text into the field and get anchored by the yellow number. For this work with the variables and integrated anchor (nav up/down info).

Have a look here for getting a first impression:

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Thanks for your replies @ppr @ksrinu070184

I was trying to get anchored by the yellow number so into my anchor base activity I used a ‘Find Element’ with yellow number as a variable but the bot can’t find the corresponding value in the first column of my table, here is what’s in the selector :