How to use Twitter Scope for an Integration?

We need to use twitter scope for getting tweets, publish tweets and delete tweets.
Please help to create the sequence for this.

Hello @Anvitaa_Safai ,

Could you please elaborate with some screenshot?

If you are trying to do automation based on UI, then you can use App/web recorder to record the actions.

Else there are custom package availabelf or twitetr automation.

I have used custom package for twitter automation.
I am able to get tweets from twitter and storing into the excel file, but unable to publish tweets.

Hi @Anvitaa_Safai ,

Are you using the Custom Package same as provided by @Rahul_Unnikrishnan in the above post ?

Do you receive any Errors when you Perform the Publish Tweets ?

Yes, I have used custom packages for twitter automation.
It is executing successfully, but it is not showing Tweet on twitter. No errors are there.