How to use Try Catch Activity with Matches activity


Since there is no error, the catches block will not be executed.

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But should give error. why doesn’t it get an error :smiley: @SowmyaLeo


What is the regex used in the Matches activity? On what input?

If that fails only then we can have an error.



Do you consider error when the Matches dont find anything? if so, then try catch cannot help…

actually what i want to do this

-Comes to mail me a specific format and I filter it with matches activity.
-But there may be some exceptions so mail can come in a different format.
-If the mail came to me in a different format,I want send mail to me for notify

Is there an easy way to do this?

Is the regex you are using correct?

Please test the regular expression “\d.\s.*” to see if the output you are getting is correct.

Yes its true

If it is true, no error occurs So no email gets sent out.

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