How to use to variables in postpone activity in Postpone properties field dynamically based on user input

I am getting two variables from Create Form as Output. One is drop down which gives “Adddays” or “AddMonths” etc. and other is a integer say 2. I want to use these in postpone activity to write Now.Var1(Var2) which is Now.Adddays(2). Can you suggest how to do that. I see some issue with variable type as it should be date format. Can you suggest?


The only solution i can see atm is to do a switch on your first Var (AddDays, AddMonths …) and then for each of the case you create the date. After the switch you put your postpone activity with the date calculated before.
I suggest this but i don’t know if this is dynamical enough for your needs,


Thank you, I have used a switch for each AddMethod and then postponed.