How to use the test framework provided in the Course Academy 2



in the framework there is a project called test framework, but in the advanced course, academy 2 does not teach how to use it, does anyone know if there is a tutorial or something?


You can try here:

Project Templating - the ReFramework that most of you are already familiar with was promoted to Studio template. The documentation for the ReFramework is at its usual place on GitHub:


@cristina.chiana, @luchovelez,

The document doesnot contain the details of the test framework.
Please check.



this document dont explain how to use the TEST framework for unit test


@beesheep you know of this test framework?


You dont need to use it. Like I see, its kinda confusing but you can definately create your own workflow. that is also fine.
As long as you are able to run it correctly.