How to use the loop in the process state of RE framework to save the data in text/excel file

How to use the loop in the process state of RE framework to save the data in text/excel file


Could you please tell more details for better understanding. Actually what are trying to do here.

@lakshman - Im taking the share value from the Yahoo Finance website, and i want to store that value into text or XLS file for the relative stock.
Currently im trying but getting only last record value.
So just want to know how to enhance login to get the stock value for all the stocks for which process is running.

Hi , if you are trying to get the stock price value from the list of stock values / from the table /collection of values , then you can do the data scraping of that list/ table data first

if you can post how the screen looks like for stock value , then can suggest an approach

Am capturing the share value from the below screen for the different stocks

Using Get Text Activity to capture value as string.

Then i want to store the value for each stock/share in to notepad and/or excel then how to do it?

Hi ,
For example let’s say you are capturing the share values of 20 different stocks (since you didn’t provide from where you are getting the list of names of the stocks that you need to share)

Create a int32 variable ex: counter
and give default value as 0

Now use a do while loop
Inside do while loop body
Use the stock name as variable to search in yahoo that is coming from the get transaction data.xaml
Now use get text activity to get the share value and the output will be string variable ex:STR1
Use append line activity , give text file path where to write the share value and input as string variable STR1

Now use assign activity
counter = counter +1

In the do while logic condition (expression) write as
Counter <20
This do while performs the scraping of the all stock values