How to use the Distinct Column in Datatable as a filter and get each row that match and store it to another Datatable


I am trying to use the values I got from distinct select and use it as a query parameter. Here is the sample Datatable:


I need to separate the items per date of purchase but the date of purchase is unknown. I try to use filter with the date I retrieved from distinct but I am having trouble. Any help is appreciated.

Hi @wonderingnoname

What exactly is the issue you are facing here?


Could you please go through below link?


Hi! I already used the distinct results. I am now having issue with using the result as parameter to filter the original table.

I want to use the dates as filter on the datatable to create datatable for each distinct dates. This is my sample workflow. Filter.xaml (9.2 KB)

This is okay now. I converted the datatable to Array and then filtered it using the Array item.

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