How to use the condition in web automation?

Hi All,

I am working on web scrapping project.
I stuck in one scenario that after entering the Member ID from the queue if the browser throws an error “Member ID is not found”
then I need to throw the business expression,
If not I need to proceed for the further things for scrapping part.
I am using the element exist but it is not giving the proper output i.e.
whether the error “Member ID is not found” exist or not it is giving true for the both cases.

Someone please help me to resolve the issues.

Hello @HeartCatcher
Make sure to use proper selectors for Element Exist. and Than in True part Throw and Business Exception new BusinessRuleException(“Member ID Not Found”).

I checked but the element is hidden.

Can you share your weblink here?

use image exist acitivity and give more time out

some times you can’t identify the selectors so you can’t go with image automation

I did but it is not working.
Giving true condition for both the cases.

share your excel file and xaml

No excel the data will come queue.

Hello @HeartCatcher

Can you share the selector which have used to check the presence of the error message?
I think you need to fine tune that to resolve this error.

Use uiexplorere and inspect on the error and share the screenshot here.

Open Ui explorer and than share screenshot of Selector.

@HeartCatcher It would be better if you can share from Uiexplorer. We can check whether some other attribute is there which helps to get the error message.
Maybe some flag value will be there.

@HeartCatcher Remove parantid from selector and take innertext instead of parantid.
and than check the element by Highlighting it.

can you remove the tag=‘B’, parentid and add intertext. Then try to execute the element exists.
If its still not working can you share the ss of the workflow which you created

I will review later more deeply. Hidden elements can be tested with following package