How to use the app after publishing?


How to use the App After publishing?

Q1) How to use it?
Q2) We can use that on another desktop or mobile If providing URL?
Q3) I created a CRM App, Is it possible to use this with our company employees (20 peoples)?
Like google excel sheet or normal CRM or like normal we application…

Can Anyone give the answer to those questions?

I am Waiting For your valuable reply.

Chethan P
Happy automation

Q1: When you have published the App (or in the App Studio properties for the project), you can share it with the users, you want to have access to it. You can share the direct URL with them, or they can access it by finding it in the Automation Cloud.
Q2: Yes. It might not work well on Mobile, depending on how well the layout is designed.
Q3: Not sure if I completely understand the question, but if users are created in you automation cloud, they can be given access.


Thanks, But when we share the link to the employee they have an account in UiPath?
Because when the user clicks the account it’s asking login through Gmail if they don’t have an account it’s saying login failed.

actually, my question is this possible to run like a website?

Chethan P

The user needs to be created in UiPath Cloud Platform, and needs to sign in. You cannot use apps anonymously on a public facing website.


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Thanks @jjes this information is enough to me.