How to use Switch to differentiate processes


My aim is to input data from an excel spreadsheet into an eForm.

Problem is, a part of the eForm contains a drop down list which induces more rows when selected.

I’m using the Switch command to allow Ui Path to differentiate between the different rows in the eForm.

My issue is that my current workflow can’t differentiate which choice I have made in the eForm.

Please advise

Hi @Izzat_Nasser

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Can u elaborate your case more
Is the drop-down list elements is different in format that of excel


Thanks for reaching out!

I have multiple sequences that can only be induced depending on the situation.

Can I use this workflow?

Start >>> Excel Application Scope >>> Flow Switch >>>> Sequence (That contains “Type Into” command)

Is this possible?

Like u mean values in drop-down are different type like that of values in excel


So say for example

I have an excel sheet, that contains columns A B C D E F and rows Individual 1 and Individual 2.


I have a Form that needs to be populated by the data in the excel sheet. In this form, I have two selections, Selection 1 and Selection 2.

Note that :

Individual 1 will choose Selection 1
Individual 2 chooses Selection 2

So my main question is

Say for example

Situation 1:

In the form, I choose Selection 1, and I only want the columns A B C to be populated into the form.

Situation 2:

In the form, I choose Selection 2, and I ONLY want columns D E F to be populated in the form.

Can I use Flow Switch to redirect the Sequences.
Since there are two Selections, thus there are 2 Sequences.
And in each Sequence, I have “Type Into” commands which populates the respective data into the Form based on the columns in the excel sheet.

Please advise

Yes u can do like that

On what basis u are making selection , automatically or manually?

Since Individual 1 is making Selection 1 and Individual 2 is making Selection 2,

Then the selections are done automatically since this will be predefined in the excel sheet


U can do this by using ur above sequence, but make it inside for each row

How do I define the case when I am using the Flowswitch?

Hi @Izzat_Nasser, since when. Individual changes, we have to make everything different

So u can put case value is individual name

Since based on individual we are inputting data