How to use start Job activity for modern folders

Hi team,

i would like to start the job from modern folders, could you please how to use start job activity and what are parameters need to be updates.


You need to go to the folder in which the process should be run from.

i.e. Shared Folder

You then need to add your process to that folder if it is not there already by clicking Add Process - when you add the process it will ask for the package source name and also you can specify the runtime arguments.

To run the process you can start it from the Processes Tab or go to the Jobs Tab and start a new job there.

When the job is selected - you can specify the arguments as below

sorry for confusion, i want to start job using “Start Job” activity of studio
my requirement is bot1 should trigger bot2 based on input data

No problem - more details here

see the section under Misc about the folder path

thanks very much help.

there are several templates are configured with folder. Temp1, Temp2 , Temp3 etc.
i need to run bot on particular template, then how can i ?

By templates, do you mean machine templates?

or do you have multiple modern folders?

yes, we have machine templates which we are using in modern folders

Hello @dlmsekhar

Please refer to the below post.

So you allocate the machine templates to each folder - I don’t think there is a way to specify which machine template will pick up the job for that folder using the start job activity.

need to the bot on “Test” template only