How to use smtp send mail activity for out look

hai i work in one of the MNCs iam trying to build the a bot to send emails using smtp send mail activity but it was giving error
Send SMTP Mail Message: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
generally when we login to out look we want to type passcode generated automatically by citrix gate way is that causing that error if yes how to over come it

Hi @bpt.teja1996,
It’s a very complicated case from what I see. Let me catch this in points so we could be on the same line.

  • So you have the process which is doing SMTP connection to send mails
  • At the same time there is someone/somethign which is using Outlook published in Citrix which requires that person/process to log into Citrix through the Gateway

The question is. Is your process (the one which sends the mails) created on machine which need to access the citrix environment? I’m asking because SMTP can be “contacted” from any machine which is having internet connection. You need only the server address and password to put inside the activity. There’s no need to go through citrix to make this unless your environment required you to do it that way.

Responding to your question. If your process is getting error like this and we know that you have citrix environment I assume that you process is independent from other processes which requires to open Outlook. And yes this will cause interruption if both are working on same accounts.

Hopefully I got it right.