How To Use SMTP Mail Server Details Without Username And Password For Configuring Email Alerts In HAA

How to use SMTP mail server details without username and password for configuring email alerts in HAA?

There is no validation in the UI. However using command-line utilities, a workaround is present.

  1. The Username (email address) and password are not actually tested at the configuration time, so put in any dummy email (must have the @ sign to be a valid address) and password.
  2. Remove them using the curl utility and the in-built Redis REST API as follows
  • curl -kL -u : --location-trusted -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X PUT https://:9443/v1/cluster -d "{\"smtp_username\": \"\",\"smtp_password\": \"\"}"

USERNAME, PASSWORD are the credentials used to log into the UI and CLUSTER_FDQN the name of the cluster (use an IP address if needed).

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