How to use send hotkey?

I used send hotkey activity to select checkbox. I want below action to perform
if box is checked : no action needed
else select the check box
This has to do in selection of pivot filter after refreshing pivot datatable where we cannot get location of date.
Is there any way to do this with the help of send hotkey?

Hi @vidya.sanjay.patil ,

The best way to do the action you want is to use a “Get attribute” activity on the checkbox and check if the attribute Checked is true or false.
Next, with an IF activity you can check it or not (you have a specific activity for checking the checkbox:

Let me know if you need additional details.



for “Get Attribute” we require static position of that checkbox. how can we take its dynamic position? Because after refreshing, everytime position will change.
So in that case what i can do?

Hi @vidya.sanjay.patil ,

Even if selector is changing for that check box, there would definitely be some static parts in/around it. Consider exploring those parts using ui explorer and then accordingly navigate to the selector of the check box and getting attribute.

For example, check for selectors of other check boxes around it or its parents elements etc.


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There is an activity named “Check” that can be useful to you (instead of the send hotkey). Please take a look ate the documentation of it in here.

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