How to use selector in collaps value change

Hi experts
I have one collaps and expand button in my we portal when i click on to expand its class value got change

Iike as you see in image when its get expand value change to down and when it collaps its change to right so my question is how can i use this in my selector if my data is collaps i do not need to perform any action if data is expanded i need to collaps how can i use selector class in if condition

Hi @airwaveexporter

Use element exists activity and give the expand selector in it , it will give a Boolean output.

Then use an if condition if it is true use click and give the same expand selector it will click the expand button and it will go to collapse state

Could you please steps

When page first load it get value option in place of down ,and right its means 3 value change



As you can we check if the expand button is present using element exists activity if it is present we click the button and change tnat to collaps state.

Hi @airwaveexporter

Is the issue got resolved?