How to use select value from dropdown list

please help
how to select value from the dropdown list


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A Manohar


please help web page drop down list value need select

need to select one value

please help

Hi @Amila_Darshana
try select item and hardcore the value
or use it by click activity
Ashwin S

how to store all values in select iteam


Have you used select item activity ?

where you will get these values from

no but i try please help to store all data in select iteam and select one value from list

how to store all value in select item

from my company web site

Hi @Amila_Darshana

Indicate the screen and below that its populates the list

Ashwin S


1.use Find Children Activity and indicate the drop down list,all values will be stored in a list.
2.use For Each
3.use Get Attribute and get the innertext or aaname attribute and store it in a variable.
4 now use select item and give variable input to it.

i will check this if i am fail please kindly help


unable to select item in drop down list
any one please help

@Amila_Darshana Did you find a solution for this ?