How to use Select to filter the list<MailMessage>?

Hi guys.
I used the Get Lotus Notes Mail Message Activity to get the Result List,but the only last day MailMessages was useful for me.
Of course For Each activity can select the MailMessages,But in REFramework, i want to tansit MaiMessages to orther workflow, and there was some opreation in orther workflow,but doesn’t unuseful mailmessages.

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We can send a particular mails message to another workflow with a argument or direction OUT Zak type as Systen.Net.Mail.MailMessage

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thanks for your reply!
but My question is How to filter before pass the Variable.

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May I know on what basis we want to filter
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For example, I just want the mailmessage that received on ‘2019-12-16’.

We can mention like this
“[ReceivedTime] = ‘12/16/2019’ “
Or if it’s with a variable then use

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Thank you very much!
Because I used The Get Lotus Notes Mail Message Activity,it hasn’t the attribute “Filter”,and Actually, I want the mailmessages that between “2019-12-16 16:00:00” and “2019-12-17 11:00:00”.
As the same time,I found your post
Comparing date in format DD-MM - #18 by Palaniyappan
and I uesed it like this: MailMessages.AsEnumerable().where(function(x) Datetime.ParseExact(x.Headers(“DateReceived”).tostring,“MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss”,system…culture)<now.adddays(-2)).toList.
and It’s worked!
until now ,I was confused with “function(x)”
And Thanks again!


thats great
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